Connect your Claris FileMaker solution to DocuSign and automate eSignature workflows, saving you time and money.


fmESignature Link is a FileMaker solution that integrates between the Claris FileMaker Platform and DocuSign. fmESignature Link allows you to quickly send electronic signature requests and download the signed version of the document into FileMaker at the click of a button. fmESignature Link is completely unlocked allowing you to integrate it into your existing FileMaker solution.

If you use FileMaker and DocuSign to track and maintain document signing requests fmESignature Link will save your Company time and money.

fmESignature Link automates the sending of document signing requests from the Claris FileMaker Platform and the downloading of completed documents – all from FileMaker. With fmESignature Link you can send document signing requests to 1 or more recpients, check the status of the request and individual recipients, download the completed signed PDF and any associated form data and more. fmESignature Link works with DocuSign Templates or PDFs created from Claris FileMaker and supports DocuSign tabs and Auto Place for positioning fields on your document.

Key Features

  • Send Document Signing Requests: you can use fmESignature Link to send documents that are generated dynamically from a FileMaker layout, from a PDF file stored in a FileMaker container field, or using a DocuSign Template (including support for multiple recipients and roles)Pre-populate custom fields: you can pre-populate custom fields with data from your FileMaker solutionCheck Request Status: check the Status of Sent Requests at the click of a button
  • Download Completed/Signed PDFs: download the completed PDF file into FileMaker at the click of a button
  • Download Form Data: download any associated Form Data back into FileMaker at the click of a button
  • Auto Place (anchor tagging): use the Auto Place feature which automatically adds fields near each occurrence of a given string in a template or document
  • Support for Webhooks: have completed PDFs pushed automatically to FileMaker within seconds of being completed (requires FileMaker Server and PHP Custom Web Publishing/Data API)



Got Questions?

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About the partner 

Databuzz specialises in integrating DocuSign's eSignature platform with the Claris FileMaker Platform to automate workflows saving you time and money. Databuzz is a long-standing Claris Partner and DocuSign Partner. We have been developing and deploying FileMaker solutions for clients in Australia and internationally since 1999. Our clients are individuals, small-medium businesses, government agencies and multi-national corporations. For more information please visit our website at