Fluxx - DocuSign Integration for Grants Management

Go paperless in your end-to-end grantmaking – Connect Fluxx and Docusign for a secure and bidirectionally integrated e-signature process.

As the industry leader in grants management, Fluxx partners and integrates with DocuSign to create a secure, streamlined document signature experience, directly accessed from within Fluxx’s Grantmaker product. The Fluxx-DocuSign Integration enables organizations to create, deliver, and manage signatures on grant agreements, letters, and documents via the automated signature process with instant notifications. Capabilities include self-service forms, electronic signatures, prepopulated templates/agreements, document tracking, and automated approval processes. Together, Fluxx and Docusign can better serve our social sector by providing clients with a secure, convenient, and user friendly way to manage the high volumes and high impact tasks of grant management.

How it works:

To get started, clients simply add their DocuSign credentials into Fluxx to authorize the integration. Users can then navigate to any Fluxx record, upload/generate the document to be e-signed, select recipients and assign a signing order. From within Fluxx, users customize the email subject and message body sent to recipients and tag the relevant signature boxes and objects in the exact place desired. Once delivered, recipients instantly receive a DocuSign email and link, accessible from a mobile device or computer. When fully executed, the document will automatically sync right back to the original record in Fluxx to ensure bidirectional data integrity.

Benefits to User:

  • Automate eSignature requests: Generate documents and send for eSignature without leaving Fluxx
  • Embed DocuSign into Fluxx directly: Enable users to sign documents in the correct, designated areas, and leverage reusable templates to speed up processing of high volume tasks
  • Ensure privacy: Trust that all sensitive contract information is encrypted and safe
  • Optimize operations: Automate workflows to work more efficiently with no more tracking people down to get a signature
  • Be ecofriendly: Go paperless - as a member of the social sector, we all need do our part to help

Key Benefits

  • Automatically create letters and agreements that pull in all relevant grant and contact information using Fluxx’s document generator.
  • Within the Fluxx interface, anchor the required DocuSign signature boxes and objects as well as assign actions and triggers for the identified recipients and signatories.
  • Directly from Fluxx, instantly send the documents for signature as well as notify recipients of when it’s time to view, remind, and approve.
  • Access the real-time status of the document’s execution, including the seamless attachment of the fully executed document, routed through DocuSign and appended to the documents section of the original Fluxx grant and organizational records.
  • Go paperless and protect your data – Engage with your constituents through our cloud-based, authenticated one-click interface, available on any device.


https://fluxx.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/217958163-Docusign (requires login)

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Compatibility/Version Information

Compatible with all versions.

Customer Testimonials

“This integration is easy to learn and has saved me and my colleagues a ton of time and hassle. By facilitating the collection of signatures, DocuSign allows me to act with utmost efficiency and saves us all the headache of printing off, signing, and scanning documents.”
-- Emma Carpenter, Program Assistant at the Caring for Colorado Foundation

“The TN Arts Commission loves the DocuSign integration functionality, especially the uploading of the signed documents/executed contracts.”
-- Carol White, Associate Director for Operations at the Tennessee Arts Commission

“Helmsley has been using DocuSign since implementing in November 2018 and overall we've been very happy with it as it has cut down on a lot of paper based and manual processes.”
-- Adam Sanders, Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust

About the partner 

Fluxx is a platform that powers the nonprofit social sector by connecting grantmakers and grantseekers, building their operational capacity and increasing visibility to the impact in the communities served. Fluxx is configured uniquely for its 300+ social sector organizations to combine workflow management and CRM functionality in a comprehensive, user-friendly interface. Grantmaker makes the grant submission process transparent, roles and tasks clear, data easily accessible, funds and RFPs managed, and grant impact immediately visible. It brings efficiency and data-driven insights to help measure and maximize social impact while eliminating the tedious complexities of the grantmaking process.

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