Ezidox integrates DocuSign’s eSignature within the platform to further automate document processes, driving business optimisation. 

Key Benefits

  • Full customisation – white labelling to reflect your business branding  
  • Seamless Integrations – Integration with existing internal systems seamlessly via ezidox™ API’s 
  • Automated indexing and classification – simple labelling, search and retrieval functionality  
  • Automatic audit trail – ezidox™ is SOC 2 compliant which makes compliance audits much easier 
  • Secure – Several layers of security information protection including data encryption, SSL certificate, IP blocking 

Customer Testimonials

Andrew Piltz – Connective - CX & Analytics Manager “Integrating Docusign with Ezidox was a no brainer for us – it enables us to collect documents and application forms seamlessly and all our required docs are completed and securely held all in the one place! Makes life easier for us and a great experience for our customers….” 


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Ezidox is a reliable, secure and intelligent platform that automates and accelerates the document upload and indexing process accurately. Multiple formats can be uploaded including text, image or pdf. Ezidox also makes document submissions simple and intuitive, by guiding customers through the entire process complete with friendly SMS reminders, encouraging them to complete their document uploads.  
Partnering with platforms such as DocuSign are the lifeblood of Ezidox. Integrating with DocuSign means our customers have a more streamlined experience, document completion rates are faster and more aligned with an ecosystem that works perfectly. Ezidox clients can send document requests to their customers through our platform via desktop or mobile app. Customers can then fill out all required documentation and e-sign using the DocuSign integration. This integration fee’s both parties from the labour-intensive task of printing, signing, photocopying and sending documents, allowing customers, staff and business owner to drastically simplify document workflows.  
Our platform is made all the richer and diverse with the integration of DocuSign.