Evisions integrates DocuSign’s acknowledgement and eSignature capabilities into its FormFusion document enhancement and delivery solution.

Evisions helps higher education organizations work better. Their software eases your administrative load—so you can get back to the process of learning and discovery. Built and optimized for administrators, their solutions help you stay on top of your many tasks and responsibilities, reduce hassle and waste, and work more efficiently.

FormFusion is Evisions’ solution that enables higher education professionals to take control over the design and delivery of their documents. It helps institutions save time and money by automating, and increasing the flexibility of, document creation and distribution. FormFusion’s integration with DocuSign only serves to enhance that flexibility and time savings.

Key Benefits 

  • Software solutions and services focus exclusively on the needs of colleges and universities.
  • Solutions available for document enhancement, enterprise reporting, payment processing, and IPEDS surveys.
  • Evisions solutions simplify workflows, eliminate manual and redundant processes, and increase productivity through greater efficiency.
  • Evisions goes above and beyond to help its clients.