EI Technologies (A Cognizant Company)

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Adapt your business to the digital revolution

Transforming into a digital company is not an end in itself but should be a means to reach an identified strategic goal. It is with this conviction and an expertise combining business knowledge and technologies that our EI Management team, a consulting subsidiary of the EI Technologies Group, assists our customers.

We address three key domains of the company:

“The customer domain”, from social media presence, to digital marketing, multichannel CRM and customer support to help the company modernize its prospecting and sales processes and adapt them to a social and mobile customer,
"The digital efficiency", from dematerialization, to electronic document management and collaboration in the company in order to adapt to new modes of communication and work of digital employees,
“The IT Department”, to support it through its own transformation and position itself in the business departments as one of the major players in the digital transformation of the company.