Nintex Document Generation (formerly Drawloop)

Get Dynamic, Data-driven and Intuitive Document Generation

Nintex Document Generation (formerly Drawloop) lets you tap into content from Salesforce data, Apex or external sources. Use predefined templates to generate high impact document packages using any combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or Visualforce pages. Route generated documents to virtually anywhere via email, DocuSign or Nintex Workflow.

Accelerate sales and business results by automatically creating consistent, compliant and up-to-date documents. Generate all your business-critical content, with a push of a button, using your Salesforce data.

Nintex Document Generation can extract data from any Custom or Standard Object in Salesforce, generate documents in PDF or Microsoft Office formats, and route those final documents for email delivery, e-signature or downloads. Users can perform complex calculations with Excel as middleware, insert dynamic images and tables, as well as customize documents based on any number of given conditions.

With Nintex and DocuSign, you can send the output document to DocuSign for signature. Our integration allows you to easily create DocuSign secure fields, tag templates for DocuSign and more.

Leading organizations across industries have leveraged Nintex and DocuSign to automate and optimize their sales and services processes. Accelerate sales-to-cash timelines and deliver faster time-to-service resolution; streamline complex processes across orgs and business systems; and eliminate workplace headaches and inconsistencies.

Key Features

    • Insert data and content into your documents, from any standard or custom object in Salesforce. Simplify contract management by customizing terms, legal agreements and pricing based on customer details and related products and services.
    • Set up workflows that advance with the sales process, trigger approval routing, schedule tasks, and more. Manage access to documents based on stage or user permissions, to ensure legal, regulatory and policy compliance.
    • Create, manage, and generate document packages in Lightning or Classic, without leaving the familiarity of Salesforce. Create documents on the go using the same intuitive user experience in the Salesforce1 mobile app.


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Customer Testimonials

“Nintex Drawloop offers an easy way to set rules and approvals that analyze data and information to block non-advantageous deals in their tracks. No human oversight required – Nintex Drawloop has you covered.” – Steve Thompson, Chief Architect, Meritage Homes

Reference – Meritage Homes Guest Blog Post featuring DocuSign:

“Prior to Nintex Drawloop, it took corporate and our divisions weeks, even months, to prepare and send our legal agreements to our retail partners. Now, the user literally has to push a button in Salesforce and within minutes, the entire envelope is generated.” – Mike Machado, CRM Manager, Yamaha

Reference – Yamaha Case Study on

“Our Sales team loves how Nintex Drawloop has improved their jobs and that they can generate a document package with literally a click of a button.” - David Fidler, Director of Operations, Cartelligent

Reference – Cartelligent Case Study on


About the partner 

Nintex—the recognized global leader in workflow and content automation—makes it easy for you to empower your line of business workers to automate, analyze, and optimize their own business processes. No matter how sophisticated. All without leaving the familiarity of Salesforce, having to write a single line of code, or relying on IT. From contract lifecycle management to empowering customer service, thousands of the world’s leading businesses have turned to Nintex to be the workflow and content automation platform that powers their businesses across a wide range of use cases on the Salesforce platform. The result? Nintex workflows and document runs have executed billions of times, saving organizations hundreds of years of productivity, enabling their employees to be more strategic, creative, and innovative. Learn more at

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