Automatically pre-fill DocuSign forms with specified information from single-sign-on system or other data sources.

The DocuSign Pre-Fill Extension enables enterprises and institutions to have forms automatically pre-filled with information from single sign-on systems (SSO) or other data sources (such as SAML, SIS, databases, APIs), saving users time and increasing data accuracy. Pre-filling forms will help prevent missing, duplicate and inconsistent data from being entered into enterprise systems to save users time from filling out information in forms.

The DocuSign Pre-Fill Extension is free to use and can be quickly downloaded and installed on a local server or in the cloud after signing up for a free Lingk account. After creating a Lingk account, a portal/web developer can quickly download and install the open source Docker image from the Lingk GitHub repository on their desktop or in the cloud. Developers can easily create a mapping between the DocuSign forms that they want to pre-fill and the data access layers.

Key Features

  • Free solution to automate workflows by automatically pre-filling forms with information from single-sign-on systems or other data sources
  • Information automatically pre-fills forms (Name, ID, email address …)
  • Save users time from having to manually enter data into forms
  • Keep your enterprise systems free of missing, duplicate and inconsistent data


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About the partner 

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