DocuSign Connector for Oracle PeopleSoft

Automated post-signature DocuSign integration with Oracle PeopleSoft, posting completed DocuSign form data into PeopleSoft.

The DocuSign Connector for Oracle PeopleSoft automates data extracts from signed DocuSign forms, post-signature, and seamlessly posts the information into Oracle PeopleSoft at the frequency set by the integration schedule.  This streamlined and automated integration saves administrative staff time by eliminating the data entry process and improving responsiveness with students, parents and alumni.

The DocuSign Connector for Oracle PeopleSoft can be accessed after signing up for a free Lingk account to connect Lingk and the DocuSign API. The DocuSign connector outputs flat files that can be easily loaded into PeopleSoft or institutions can upgrade for advanced automation using APIs. Data is extracted, transformed and output to flat files on a SFTP site for loading into any external system or PeopleSoft. After configuring the integration, schedule the automatic data extraction from completed forms at the desired frequency.

Key Features

  • Integration between DocuSign and Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Once a DocuSign form is completed, data can be extracted, transformed, and loaded to Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Save administrative staff time from manual data pulls
  • Streamline and automate information pulled out of DocuSign forms and entered into PeopleSoft
  • Schedule automatic data extraction from completed forms


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About the partner 

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