Daypack is a cloud POS and inventory management solution for new residential construction.

Daypack makes selling homes simple. By digitizing and streamlining the sales process, Daypack brings speed and efficiency to how new construction homes are sold.  Using Daypack, a single sales representative can complete a transaction in under five minutes. By employing the latest internet technologies, Daypack helps builders increase deal velocity, reduce error and impress customers.

As an inventory management and POS solution, Daypack leverages the cloud to radically improve the new home sales process. With Daypack, sales representatives can complete deals using any device, anywhere and at anytime. From checking real time availability to preparing worksheets and generating and executing agreements, Daypack handles every aspect of the sales flow.

Via Daypack’s integration with Docusign, deals go from preparation to signature in one seamless flow. With a single click, deals and APS documents are generated by Daypack. Next, Docusign collects signatures and initials from all required parties. At any time corrections can be made to documents. Once signing is complete the unit status is updated and documents are stored securely in Daypack for reference and retrieval.

By digitizing all inventory and documents, as well as maintaining a single optimized sales flow, builders benefit from immediate cost savings, efficiency, organization and purchaser satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Inventory Management: Access your sales matrix or site plan from any tablet or computer. Ensure your team has easy access to real time availability and detailed unit info at all times.
  • Enter Worksheets: Enter worksheets simply and seamlessly. Add multiple worksheets to a single unit, move worksheets between units, and capture purchaser correctly.
  • Sales Tracking: View sales in real time and ensure units and additional items are never over sold. Effortlessly move units from available to conditional and let Daypack inform you when deals go firm.
  • APS Generation: Prepare deals quickly by automatically generating APS documents. Eliminate errors and messy handwriting by having Daypack prepare all signing documents.
  • Online Sales: Sell your homes online with BuyNow. Let purchasers complete deals from anywhere and at anytime without having to visit your sales center.


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About the partner 

The idea for Daypack was spawned within the offices of BuzzBuzzHome in 2014. While working on improving our data set of new construction homes we realized that acquiring digital listing feeds would be easier if builders were using sales and inventory management software.

So, we set out to build this software and called it Daypack. In 2017, we launched and the reviews were ecstatic. Builders, developers and brokers loved the software. They told us it made their sales process simpler; documents were easy to find, deals could be completed in minutes, and real time information was always available.

Our mission at Daypack is to build the greatest new home sales software imaginable. Come see what we have created.