CredentialMyDoc® takes the hassle out of credentialing and provider enrollment with our secure, web-based, user-friendly software that can meet your medical group and revenue cycle needs, regardless of size.

The DocuSign integration works seamlessly within CredentialMyDoc. Customers simply login to their DocuSign account inside the CredentialMy application, and they’re ready to go!

There is an electronic signature functionality incorporated into CredentialMyDoc. We believe electronic signatures are legally binding and function well in many payer enrollment circumstances. However, client preference or payer requirement can sometimes dictate the need for the higher-level of authentication provided by a digital signature which DocuSign provides to our customer base.

Key Features

•    Pre-filled forms with provider data
•    Secure online database storage for provider information
•    Documents stored as PDFs, readily available to print or email
•    Easy tracking of documents, contracts, and credentialing activity for ease in follow-up
•    Robust reporting with pre-built reports and the ability for custom reports
•    Individual provider and facility payer tracking
•    Automated Primary Source Verification

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About the partner 

As the most experienced credentialing and provider enrollment company in the country, VerityStream understands that today’s growing medical groups face a unique set of challenges. As we worked side by side with our clients to identify the most efficient way to credential and enroll providers with payers for reimbursement, we recognized that CredentialMyDoc’s solutions were intuitive, easy to use, and fast to implement, especially in non-privilege-granting settings. That’s why CredentialMyDoc joined the VerityStream family in 2019. In 2020, CredentialMyDoc partnered with DocuSign in the midst of a pandemic to bring providers and their credentialing teams closer together with the ability to complete important paperwork in a timely manner while maintaining all precautionary measures for prevent the spread of COVID 19.