The Client/Vendor Relationship Management System designed for Modern Corporate Legal Departments

Counself seamlessly integrates with DocuSign to deliver eSignature capabilities with added-value approval workflows, security, and prepopulation - automating the complete procurement and due diligence approval process for contract management efficiency & effectiveness.

Counself, a highly secure, customer-demand driven SaaS platform, is intelligently designed to help corporate counsel and Legal Operations teams manage relationships with their outside counsel and legal vendors. It is a unique two-sided solution that optimizes RFx processes such as compliance and procurement for both clients and vendors while enhancing overall collaboration, communication and compliance

Counself Risk™ empowers legal departments to beat the maze of evolving financial and regulatory mandates and mitigate risk with external suppliers by streamlining due diligence collection, review, ranking, and monitoring processes using ready-to-use risk assessment questionnaires, engagement contracts, and other tools. Integration with DocuSign allows for easy and efficient contract generation, collaboration, and verification, all while maintaining a veritable audit history for compliance and certifications.

At the same time, Counself enables law firms and vendors to respond more efficiently to client requests using best practice templates, secure sharing features, and iterative collaboration. Vendors can send their clients curated documents and responses specific to what they want them to see, and sign secure agreements in Counself with DocuSign eSignature integration, all from a centralized collaborative library of answers and collateral.

Counself is under the scope of active ISO/IEC 27001 certification, achieved by InfiniGlobe LLC.

Key Features

  • Distribute Requests: Author your requests from scratch or integrate Counself with your Matter Management System (MMS) to auto-generate and populate RFx with your matter data. Take advantage of our library of best practice templates and tweak to your needs so you can get the exact information you’re looking for in a consistent and standardized format, or build your own per your company’s policies.
  • Intelligent Forms: Replace Excel and Word with easy and intuitive electronic forms. Generate rich, online forms, surveys, and questionnaires to capture and combine wide ranges of data, both internally and externally. Review, unlock, and store responses for easy reference and comparison. Stop the cell insanity and gather information intelligently.
  • Collaborate Seamlessly: Share what you need with whoever needs it in a highly secure platform without ever having to leave to track down an email, directory, or conversation. Counself removes the headache of manual communication across applications with specially-designed messaging functionalities with customizable audiences, delivery tracking, and secure and auditable document sharing,
  • Manage Contracts and Key Dates: Maintain a centralized database of Document and Contracts. Set automated alerts and reminders in advance of expiration and audits and communicate directly with vendors regarding specific documentation without emails, calls, and questions.
  • Global Marketplace: Take advantage of Counself’s global Marketplace, a searchable and current database of all your Outside Counsel, Vendors, and other potential Legal Service Providers. Find who you need and everything you need to know about them, all in one location.


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