Send, sign and track any document, contract, or agreement directly from Copper CRM with DocuSign.


Send and track signed documents, agreements and contracts directly from Copper. Get signatures faster, track document status and once signed—store related signed documents to accounts and contacts in Copper for quick retrieval.

The Copper + DocuSign integration makes it easy for Copper users to upload contact details, apply a document template and send to recipients for e-signatures through DocuSign in just a few clicks.

Key Features

  • Auto-pull in contact details and file information—via Google Drive, Dropbox or upload from computer to send documents to recipients.
  • Choose recipients and assign signing roles from inside Copper.
  • Using artificial intelligence, Copper + DocuSign’s integration auto applies a document template based on that information.
  • View updated document status in Copper: Sent, Received, Completed or Error.  
  • Store all related documents sent via DocuSign to relevant accounts and contacts. Click and view signed document with appropriate permissions and access


Got Questions?

Compatibility / Version Information

  • The DocuSign integration with Copper is available on the Copper Professional and Business plans only.

About the partner 

Copper, the CRM recommended by Google for G Suite users, leverages tight integration into Google’s productivity platform to drive growth through relationship makers. Teams across sales, marketing, and customer service use Copper every day to cultivate better business relationships that drive personalized experiences and repeat purchases. Copper’s native integration with DocuSign allows for users to easily track, send and receive documents that require e-signatures. Loved by over 10,000 companies worldwide including Google, MailChimp, and Peugeot. Backed by over $87 million in capital, Copper is designed to help teams thrive in the relationships-centric era of business. For more information, visit