ConvergeHub integrates DocuSign's eSignature and transaction management capabilities into its Customer Engagement solution for Small Business

ConvergeHub is a powerful cloud based all-in-one CRM software for complete Customer Engagement solution for Small Business integrating sales, marketing, customer service and collaboration into one unified and easy-to-use platform.

ConvergeHub has partnered with DocuSign to bring the power of Digital Transaction Management to its customers. More than just creating and mailing documents, the objective is to empower the customers send/receive documents for signature directly into ConvergeHub - so that they can complete transactions faster, lower document management costs, and deliver better experiences to their end clients.

How it is helping ConvergeHub users?

The combination of DocuSign and ConvergeHub offers a seamless document management experience that enables our customers to conveniently sign/send documents and process deals faster. Using DocuSign within ConvergeHub, they automate and streamline the entire paperless agreements in one system and accelerate the agreements and contracts turnaround time.

Time & Money Saving

Old style paper-based processes to get documents created, printed and signed – has ended. Now our customers send contracts for signature directly from ConvergeHub. Recipients just receive a link in email to sign the agreement. Within seconds they sign it—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Result: No time or money wasted on printing, faxing, shipping and supplies. There’s a significant saving per document.

Realizing revenue faster

Unnecessary delays in deal closure like loss of agreement files, delay in counter-signature or failure of mail delivery do not trouble the customers anymore. Now it just takes minutes instead of days or weeks to complete contracts.

Accelerated sales cycle

Record-keeping is paperless. With all documents delivered electronically and sorted automatically; documents is accurate and up to date. Any relevant documents expected from the recipient can be easily added at the time of eSignature in DocuSign. Using the Plug-in, the completed set becomes available in ConvergeHub automatically.

Result: Customers focus more on selling instead of chasing paperwork. Since DocuSign automatically pulls and updates information in ConvergeHub, sales reps do not have to manually rekey data or rectify the errors.

Maintaining control from anywhere

Constantly on the go, our customers prepare and send documents from any internet-enabled device. They access existing templates and send notifications to those who need to sign. Once the document is sent for signature, they get real-time visibility into the status of the documents from the DocuSign window within ConvergeHub.

When the documents are signed and returned, the data gets automatically updated to ConvergeHub records.

Key Benefits:

  • Enable Docusign capability on any document from the library module of ConvergeHub
  • Generate Agreements, contracts or any document in ConvergeHub (included on Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals and Library) and send it for Docusign through one click.
  • Send documents for signature right from the Library, and use the familiar DocuSign interface to add or edit tags within ConvergeHub.
  • View envelope statuses and real-time updates for a summary of where your documents are
  • Signed documents are automatically stored back as a PDF onto the record in ConvergeHub​

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