Contract Wrangler is an AI-driven enterprise SaaS solution that extracts and transforms contract terms into actionable data.

Simply connect Contract Wrangler in your DocuSign’s eSignature account and you will be able to see all the key details in your agreements directly in your Contract Wrangler account.

By connecting your DocuSign and Contract Wrangler (“CW”)  accounts, when a contract is fully executed in DocuSign, a copy of it will be automatically saved to your CW portal. This is achieved securely and automatically in the backend by leveraging DocuSign and CW API capabilities. The saved copy of the fully executed contract is treated the same way you upload a document to your CW portal, except that you do not need to manually upload!

Key Features

  • The final signed copy of an agreement will be automatically saved to your CW portal.
  • Out of the box integration with DocuSign assures productivity with your workflows.
  • You can view, search, and act on your fully executed agreements saved from DocuSign in your CW portal.


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Contract Wrangler enables companies to maximize profit and minimize risk from their commercial relationships. Our enterprise SaaS offering ingests a company’s contracts and leverages attorney-trained machine learning to accurately extract and transform key terms into actionable insights. Contracts In <> Insights Out. Our solution enables operating teams across an enterprise to act with real-time, data-driven insights. Our customers range from venture-backed startups to F500 global technology leaders. We are a VC-funded startup with the financial backing of Venrock. We offer opportunities to those capable of building the foundational pillars of a game-changing company. If you have the energy and the skills, we want to talk to you.