Investor Onboarding & Automated AML/KYC Platform

CommonSubDoc is an online portal where High Net Worth Individuals and Institutions create their digital ID in order to open investment accounts with hedge funds, private equity funds, angel investments, and crowdfunding deals. The platform allows using the profile to invest across multiple funds/opportunities without having to fill the same paperwork again. The platform is connected to external databases for automated AML and KYC checks to provide peace of mind to the fund managers or companies looking to raise capital. The company behind this portal is an SEC registered transfer agent.

The solution allows the users to create their online profile that has the questions that are traditionally asked on any investment application (commonly known as Subscription Document). That profile belongs to the user. Once an investor likes a certain fund or opportunity, he/she/it can simply initiate the transaction by entering just some basic information such as the date and amount of transactions.

CommonSubDoc, then fills the actual Subscription Document for that particular fund or opportunity via API connectivity on DocuSign portal. DocuSign portal is pre-configured for any new fund/opportunity. This allows each fund to retain its own documents/requirements, while removing the need from the investors to enter the same information each time he/she/it makes a new investment.

Key Features

  • Single Digital ID and Profile used to invest in any fund or investment opportunity on the portal
  • Automated AML/KYC – new investment transactions approved in minutes as opposed to days/weeks
  • E-signatures and complete document trail – all stakeholders (investors, fund managers, administrators) work on the same document and keep it in their docusign account for each access
  • Paperless subscriptions, redemptions, and transfers – no more paper applications to fill out, sign and scan. No need to overload the email system with large scanned documents.
  • Secure – Application goes through SOC 2, Type II audit. Users can have peace of mind with the cyber-security measures in place



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About the partner 

We are a fund services company based in Chicago, IL. We serve hedge funds, private equity funds, commodity traders, reg A+/crowdfund funds