CobbleStone Software is an industry leader in Contract Management Software systems and solutions. Being among the first to offer a contract management software solution, our products are the result of years of client feedback, industry knowledge and know-how.

CobbleStone Software designs, develops and markets Contract Management Software, eProcurement Software, Policy Software and associated solutions to customers spanning the globe.

Real-time visibility into your organization's contracts and committals is the initial key step to managing all of the complex processes and decisions about the future of your contracts. Without insight such as this, it is impossible to accurately assess where your organization currently stands, or what the right decisions are in the future.

CobbleStone has worked with many prestigious companies and organizations to help fine tune and enhance a feature rich software system that addresses the entire contract lifecycle through functionality that is powerful, flexible, easy to use and workflow driven. Our Contract Insight solutions provide an enterprise-class, web-based solution that is highly robust and scalable utilizing advanced web and database technologies. It offers unprecedented contract management software flexibility and functionality to business users of all levels across your organization.

Key Features

  • Multi-level security
  • Track sub-tasks and milestones
  • Template-based creation/drafting
  • Custom & ad-hoc searching and reporting
  • Intelligent workflow


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