Cloudsquare integrates DocuSign’s eSignature and transaction management solutions with Salesforce. 

Cloudsquare is a registered Salesforce consulting partner, headquartered in Los Angeles, and brings over 10 years of Salesforce experience across a variety of industries and Salesforce products. Their core focus is to help their clients get the most value from the Salesforce platform, while supporting them every step of the way. 

The DocuSign for Salesforce integration allows the user to access and send documents directly from Salesforce and be notified once the documents are signed. Cloudsquare has worked on dozens of DocuSign integrations ranging from simple to complex use cases.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate the contract management workflow with faster approvals and notifications
  • Improve overall control and ensure your contracts meet compliance requirements
  • Search for documents easily with filters from multiple objects
  • Connect to other cloud services like Google Drive or similar
  • Access key analytics and reports that surface actionable insights


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