Cloudbase integrates DocuSign’s eSignature into Quick Base Applications to allow for quick signage and storage.


CloudBase Services ends the tedium that snarls teams by refining your business processes and designing a smart tech strategy to get you to your goals faster. As your customization and integration partner, we unify databases and get apps to work together like best friends. By integrating Docusign with Quick Base you are able to send and receive documents to customers and clients with just a few clicks without even leaving your application.

Key Benefits:

  • Work with Quick Base experts to refine your business process and create custom cloud solutions
  • Cool Tools: We serve up great databases, dashboards and analytics, resource management, systems integration, time tracking and vendor management—just to name a few.
  • Industry Dexterity: Our clients are everywhere—like biotech, construction, financial services, media, entertainment, manufacturing, education and high tech.
  • Better workflows, sharper analysis, real business insights and the easy apps that make it all happen.

Customer Testimonials:

“With CloudBase Servcices we got the best of both worlds: the agility and responsiveness of a small company with the business and technical skill of a large consulting firm.” Deb Cote- Dana Farber

“CloudBase Services has enabled our company to manage the enormous amount of data required to successful execute our contracts. Without CloudBase Services, there is no way we could have completed so much work in such a short time.” Michael Tubre- TKTMJ

“The CloudBase Services team did an amazing job helping us define, develop and utilize the tool. They were extremely responsive, talked through all of the logic and made sure our use cases were represented. The development happened very quickly and they provided training as well." Jennifer- Hewlett Packard


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