Cloud Technology Ltd. – trading as Cloudtech

Cloudtech has found that Docusign provides cost effective and secure online signing solutions for our clients across all industry sectors - adding value to their businesses straight away and for sales teams improving time to cash.

  • Cloudtech reengineers an organisations business processes into horizontal cross functional networks - unlike standalone application solution providers who create and reinforce vertical silos of information leading to obstacles, blockages and dis-communication.  Our holistic techniques can improve time to cash and reduce operating costs.
  • Cloudtech connects end to end business processes and reduces back office administration by looking for points of integration that can be automated.  This removes cost, increases throughput and avoid costly manual errors and rework.
  • Cloudtech works with sales, operations, production and delivery teams in order to create joined up enterprise processes - reducing cost, increasing profitability and driving quality standards.  This is a different approach from the traditional business or technical consultancy who typically specialise in just one discipline.

Key Benefits

  • Finding ways to increase revenue recognition
  • Improving the quality of business outputs
  • Removing unnecessary business costs and obstacles
  • Enabling compliance and regulatory standards

‘Take some time to be with fire in a sacred way. Let it enchant you, purify you, and empower you as it has done for countless others throughout the centuries.’


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The team at Cloudtech incorporated their business in 2009 and have had a longstanding relationship with Docusign since the early years.  We immediately saw the benefit of a great software solution that provided a clear business return and Cloudtech was one of the first companies to work with Docusign in Ireland and the UK.  Together with Docusign, Cloudtech ran the first ever seminars on online signing in Dublin attracting a large number of clients who were very interested in discovering whether it was legal and how could they use it!

Cloudtech is able to bring its business sector knowledge and expertise in CRM solutions to the Docusign solution and deliver for our clients increases in revenue, reduction in costs as well as better control and security.  We are very pleased to continue that relationship and looks forward to working with Docusign on many client projects in the future.