Close your deal, seamlessly.

Close Matrix is a signature management tool for law firms that handle complex deals. With a simple matrix interface, Close Matrix allows lawyers to track all the documents, signers and signatures needed to close a deal. Close Matrix streamlines the closing process, making it more efficient, accurate, and transparent.

Close Matrix allows users to build a signature matrix and track the progress of a deal. Close Matrix integrates with DocuSign, enabling the signature matrix to automatically update whenever a document is sent, viewed or signed in DocuSign. With Close Matrix, users can keep track of all the moving pieces in a complex deal and to know when a deal is properly closed.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Tracking: immediately updates signature status upon documents being sent, viewed, and signed.
  • DocuSign Integration: pulls in DocuSign envelopes with one click.
  • Simple Interface: is easy to pick up and use for any transaction.
  • External-Facing: allows clients and investors to follow along with the closing process.


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About the partner 

We’re a team of legal tech veterans.  We’ve built tools used by hundreds of companies and lawyers and we’re now focused on solving the closing process for complex deals.