By integrating DocuSign into our Integrated Risk Management solution 360inControl®, our customers can provide all governance, risk and compliance management evidence, audit-proof, paperless and efficient.

Key Benefits

  • Fast digitalization of ALL Governance, Risk and Compliance aspects
  • Managed Control Library for CISOs, Cybersecurity experts
  • Involving everyone in the organization in the Risk Management Process
  • Real Time Status Information on Audits, Risk Assessments, Risks, Action Items
  • Corporate Memory

Company Website

360inControl® is the award-winning Integrated Risk Management tool for the Digital age.

The CISO Alliance "Solution Award 2019" in Germany awarded 360inControl® because of the great benefits for CISOs and companies. The added value that 360inControl® offers companies when introducing an internal control system was thus confirmed by the interest groups and user groups.

Our customers are looking for a fully digital process, making paper documents and long approval times obsolete.

A lot of our customers and leads are already relying on DocuSign Services and functionality. The integration of DocuSign supports us on our way to become a global solution provider.

If the client has already a price plan with DocuSign, the implementation effort and costs are negligible