JD Edwards eSignature Workflows & Digital Transaction Management Automation by Circular Edge
  • In 2017, 2019 and 2020/2021 Circular Edge was recognized by Oracle JD Edwards with Partner Excellence Awards for continuously delivering, showcasing and supporting customer resilience and success across the JDE & CX ecosystem. Smart Help, CE’s award-winning skill-based support formula, allows JD Edwards customers to tap into 160+ functional and technical skills and resources on demand including skill-based swat teams, lift & shifts, continuous adoption, ongoing managed services, 24x7 support, global roll-outs, localizations, erp/cx digital experiences, reporting, integrations, development, retrofitting, training/skills enablement, systems design, testing, enhancements, conversions, dedicated skills and resources and so much more. 
  • Circular Edge JDE consulting and packaged solutions innovations include ERPSign, AtomIQ, Smart Scheduler, Smart Build Package Automation, Cerberus Self Service Password Reset, Server Manager Mobile App, AutoXCHNG, Deal Flow Automation and CX Cloud Add-Ons. 
  • In 2018 Circular Edge developed ERPSign - fully integrated with DocuSign, this eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solution allows customers to send, sign, track and manage the complete digital transaction life-cycle all from within JD Edwards. 

Key Benefits 

  • eSignature APIs – DocuSign enabled 
  • Multiple Document Types 
  • Complex Recipient Routing 
  • Email & In-App Signing 
  • Auto Reminders, Events & Workflows
  • Deferred Mode 
  • Certificate of Completion, Supplemental Documents 
  • Cloud Integration 
  • Bulk Send - Easily send the same document to many recipients.  
  • Document Visibility by Signer