Market Leading NDA-Automation. A completely digital, end to end NDA solution you can customize without coding!

The Checkbox NDA Automation Tool provides a completely digital, end to end creation of NDAs and their associated workflow. Forms, approvals, documents and dashboards can all be customised using drag and drop to ensure the perfect outcome.

Information about the agreement is collected and the decision-tree engine means that questions are dynamic and specific to the parties and engagement involved. Error-prone inputs such as the company number is validated against the corresponding legal entity and the correct NDA is always put together, with all of the fields pre-filled and ready to go. Native integration with DocuSign means that the NDA can be executed and returned faster than ever, seamlessly being sent via email to signatories for a superior digital signing experience. Finally, you can track the status of each document and easily find the one you are looking for using our search-enabled dashboard and save time chasing up responses with preset, automated reminders.

Key Features

  • Smart Forms - Customisable questions collect only relevant information to populate the NDA.
  • Document Automation - A completely customised NDA is generated from the responses, ready to go, in your preferred template.
  • E-signature - Integrated DocuSign means a faster turnaround for execution.
  • Dashboard Tracking and Automatic Reminders - Track and search for any NDA from a dynamic dashboard, and save time chasing up responses with automated reminders.
  • Customise without Coding – Customise any aspect of the application using our no-code drag and drop interface.



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About the partner 

Checkbox is a multi-award winning platform that enables non-IT users to build and deploy automation and workflow software, all without coding. Checkbox applications automate triaging, assessments and documentation by seamlessly combining forms, interactive decision-tree mapping, spreadsheet, workflow and document automation.