Capriza’s Approvals for the Mobile Enterprise embeds DocuSign’s eSignature capabilities as part of the approval step. 

Agility is key to any digital transformation strategy. But your approvals processes aren’t agile — they’re like toll booths that rob your company of time and money while frustrating employees. With Capriza’s ApproveSimple you can bypass the tolls and make cumbersome approvals easy. Capriza’s ApproveSimple and DocuSign’s eSignature are synergetic in the sense that in many instances, process approvals steps may also require an eSignature.

Key Benefits 

  • Increase corporate agility by accelerating approval cycles using mobility and consolidation
  • Integrations and templates for the most popular applications and approval types
  • Enterprise-grade, SaaS application
  • Reduces dependency on email for notifications by leveraging push
  • Eliminates the need for multiple logins into disparate systems to get the job done


Customer Testimonials 

Volvo financial services: