BIMCO’s contract editor with over 100 of the most widely used standard shipping contracts.

BIMCO SmartCon allows companies to use and amend the most common standard shipping contracts in Word file directly on their computer. Track changes is always enabled, which allows for transparent negotiation of the contracts that are balanced and don’t favors either side.

Once a contract has come to agreement a final is produced through SmartCon. A final is a PDF copy, that still show the changes, but are without any type of watermark otherwise. The party that have created the final PDF, can start the process of electronic signature directly from their SmartCon option and open the final PDF directly in their DocuSign account.

Key Features

  • Transparent negotiation using Word’s track changes
  • Microsoft security built into the Word files
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Download and store the Word files on your computer


SmartCon information and available contracts:
SmartCon FAQ:

Customer Testimonials

“ SMARTCON is a very helpful tool, not only thanks to its Microsoft Word format, which makes it easy for all users and can be accessible without the need of an internet connection, but also because of it can be shared between companies via the BIMCO exchange option. This comes very much in handy, especially in complex negotiations, since comments and amendments via track changes can be incorporated and exchanged a single document. We are also very fond of the clause minimizing function, which saves a lot of space on the document and reduces the amount of paper needed when printing is necessary, therefore helping reduce a bit the carbon footprint. And as always, there is a great support from the BIMCO Support Team, with quick response times to any issues which may arise and always open to incorporate and accommodate new features.” Contracts Department - SAL Heavy Lift GmbH

About the partner 

The shipping membership organization BIMCO is know in the industry for the production of shipping contracts that are accepted and respected for being the standard of contracts. The contracts is produced together with the industry and for the industry.
BIMCO SmartCon allows anybody to have transparent negotiation on these standard contracts using secure Word documents, that are protected using Microsoft Azure information Protection.