Beeline Vendor Management System (Beeline VMS)

Beeline VMS automates sourcing and management of non-employee talent for leading companies worldwide.


Beeline VMS automates sourcing and management of an organization’s non-employee workforce. Delivered through a Software- as-a-Service model, Beeline VMS provides all the tools to procure, manage, and pay for all types of contingent labor and statement of work (SOW)-based contractors.

The Services Procurement solution available in Beeline VMS helps procurement and contingent workforce program managers control their entire organization’s professional and support services spend. Unlike other Service Procurement solutions, Beeline automates the process from source to invoice, with full life cycle analytics, so users can confidently procure the best resources at the best prices, giving their company a competitive advantage.

Many organizations use vendor management systems (VMS) to manage contingent staffing but industry analysts estimate that 62 percent or more of companies’ non-employee labor is still not actively accounted for in corporate budgeting, planning, and forecasting.

To close this gap, Beeline VMS offers a Services Procurement solution to control statement of work (SOW)-based service contracts and other project-based initiatives. Within this Services Procurement suite, Beeline offers three integrated solutions:

COMPETITIVE BIDDING – Provides utomation and transparency through all phases of the competitive bid process: requirements definition, bid solicitation, evaluation, and award.

Statement of Work (SOW) – Facilitates collaborative contract negotiation with standardized statement of work (SOW) templates, version control, activity streams, and system alerts.

PROJECT TRACKING & MANAGEMENT – Easily tracks and manages all project types and contractor classifications, including independent contractors (ICs). Manages milestones, time & expense, contractor vetting, and on/offboarding.

We have incorporated the DocuSign functionality into our Statement of Work solution, wherein clients can receive a digital e-signature on their final Statements of Work before transitioning into project execution and tracking.

Key Features

  • Visibility: Complete visibility and control of all services procurement engagementsL T&M, milestone/deliverable, unit, outsourced, or any combination
  • Cost Savings: Stop rogue spend and sweetheart deals; procure the best service resources at the best prices
  • Compliance: Ensure proper classification of workers across entire program (IC, SOW, contingent)
  • Streamlined Business Processes: End-to-end SOW-based project management from competitive bidding to SOW creation, negotiation, milestone management, invoicing and reporting
  • Performance Quality: Lifecycle analytics and reporting let you improve supplier performance and project outcomes


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Chris Langeland


DocuSign for E-Signature is compatible only with Services Procurement solution within Beeline VMS.

About the partner 

For more than 20 years, our software solutions have enabled organisations to source and manage their non-employee labor. Supported by the world’s deepest, most experienced team of contingent workforce specialists, our solutions help control costs, mitigate risks, enhance workforce visibility, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

We help our clients automate the entire contingent staffing process so they can utilize an agile mix of employee and non-employee talent to reduce fixed costs and adapt quickly to market threats and opportunities. Our innovative technology, end-to-end global and localized customer engagement services help the world’s leading enterprises meet their most critical talent needs.