Avanteam integrates DocuSign’s digital signature into its Business Process Management solutions.

The demand for digital signature has been growing rapidly, but this is just one part of a larger business process. By integrating DocuSign digital transaction technologies, Avanteam offers its customers an end-to-end experience without ever leaving their business application.
Using Avanteam and DocuSign together, customers drastically reduce the time it takes to get a signature, while maintaining visibility and traceability into the process at all times.

Avanteam allows users to easily model their business workflow and add signing events at any step of a business process: contract management, customer services, quality and compliance, purchasing, human resources, customer service, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline the process of sending out documents for signature. Eliminate manually keeping track of which documents are outstanding and have not been signed, and end the possibility of contracts changed by the customer before signing.
  • Quickly and easily transform any electronic document or even scanned copy of a paper document into a PDF with signatures.
  • Ensure document integrity throughout the business process by automatically validating signatures with Avanteam workflow to confirm documents are not altered after signing.
  • Manage easily the creation, deletion, updating of envelopes and define signature placeholder and configure the signing recipients.
  • Monitor the signing engagement and track process status at any time.


Avanteam and DocuSign

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