AutoCollect document collection solution

Eradicate the frustrating experience of collecting information and documents from clients. 

Auto Collect facilitates the collection of documents and information from new suppliers, customers or employees. This data is then verified and validated, after which the system pre-populates forms, including financial institutions or government forms. The documents are then seamlessly signed via DocuSign.

AutoCollect streamlines the collection of information and documents from clients and facilitates the process for the company requesting the information. 


Online forms are pre-populated ensuring that the client does not waste too much time on the onboarding process. The information is then verified, and a contract is generated, this contract is then seamlessly signed with using DocuSign which was been integrated into the solution.


The company requesting the information receives ‘clean’ data which then goes through the companies pre-determined process flow. Clear dashboards, reports and an audit trail add to the success of this solution


Key Features

AutoCollect radically streamlines the process of requesting forms and supporting documents from external parties, while improving the quality of the data received.

Customers and suppliers know exactly what is required of them, and forms are pre-populated to save them time while capturing.

Forms don’t need to be printed out as they can be signed electronically with DocuSign from within the system.

Business rules ensure that all the information conforms to the company’s standards.

Forms received from external parties don’t slip through the cracks as requests are handled in a consistent manner.



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Adam Shapiro –

About the partner 

We at Autopilot (  have been providing workflow solutions to our clients since 2001. AutoCollect is now our flagship product as it solves such a real business need and seamless integrates DocuSign into the solution.

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