An Event-Driven Low Code Platform For The Digital Age:

Arrayworks was founded on the understanding that the only constant is change. We’ve consciously architected our solution to accommodate that change, resulting in an advanced low-code application platform that empowers our customers to achieve their evolving digital ambitions. We believe the key to achieving digital ambitions starts with the proper digital representation of every critical aspect of the organization. Processes, people, documents, and “things”, the constituent entities, all need to have robust digital representation, a Digital Twin, to gain actionable insights from across the entire value chain. We then define the relationships and rules needed to control and orchestrate appropriate responses to events across the digital ecosystem.

Whether initiating processes, alerting staff, escalating responses, or to simply notify partners,Arrayworks makes it quick and easy to digitize complex business operating models. Arrayworks’ new Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP), delivers the digital platform capabilities essential to achieving a true digital business operating system. Built for constant change, TAP empowers businesses to continually iterate and evolve, faster, smarter, and without the delays, costs and limitations associated with traditional solutions.

Arrayworks customers use our platform for BPM, Rapid Application Development and to create Digital Twins of an Organization to thread together complex digital models.


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