Appway integrates DocuSign to provide financial services firms with a flexible solution for contract and signature management in client onboarding.

Appway is the global leader in client onboarding and Customer Lifecycle Management for the financial services industry. Appway massively speeds up the time to onboard new investors, while making sure that the firm is fully complying with existing regulations and compliance and risk standards across multiple jurisdictions.

Appway’s solutions include comprehensive industry best practices and thought leadership gained from working on a broad variety of projects across the globe. Leveraging integrations with multiple internal and external systems to perform background and AML/KYC checks, such activities can be fully automated. With its intelligent automation and digital collaboration capabilities, it supports relationship managers, back office, compliance officers, and everyone in between, giving them a holistic, real-time customer view, allowing personal engagement and loyalty for (U)HNW and affluent customers through a personalized 5-star experience throughout the entire process.

Appway’s solution portfolio enables financial services institutions to cover the full client lifecycle (profiling/suitability, regulatory updates, data maintenance, and offboarding), supporting whichever interaction mode the customer prefers (both online and offline) and allowing the client to switch channels and touchpoints.

Pre-built business components with a powerful orchestration layer create a seamless workflow across departments and enable end-to-end onboarding across digital and physical channels. All documents are generated on the fly and populated with the customer data that were collected during the process. The DocuSign integration enables the solution to work seamlessly across all digital and physical types of signatures (wet signatures, digital signatures, or qualified electronic signatures) providing a clear documents overview to speed up the onboarding process.


Key Benefits

1. Speed up client onboarding process and time to market in financial services

2. Eliminate inconsistencies and back-and forth when collecting data from customers

3. Automated document generation, complemented by signature method of choice

4. Omni-channel customer engagement

5. Increase productivity via intelligent process automation



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Customer Testimonials

LPL Financial, the largest independent broker-dealer in the United States, has developed a streamlined client lifecycle management solution for the firm’s 33,000 users. The solution, built in partnership with Appway, provides an end-to-end digital experience on LPL’s ClientWorks platform for financial advisors and their staff. The solution integrates with separate application services, including DocuSign e-signature and edit checks to prevent customer errors. Information is actionable faster than ever – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

By implementing Appway Onboarding for Wealth, Deutsche Bank’s clients are experiencing a better, simplified onboarding process in every region. With guided onboarding questions, clients now have to provide their information one time only. Before, clients had to sign 10 documents, now with DocuSign they sign once across the entire booklet.