Apposite Technology Partners PLC

Silver Partner

Apposite Technology Partners accelerates customer exploitation of new technology benefits by enabling customers core application Solution Partners to market, sell, service & support fast emerging, proven solutions such as DocuSign.

Customers are able to work with their existing trusted provider and procurement relationship, and continue to enjoy their Solution Partner’s full support and backing for the technology they deploy.

Because Apposite enables Solution Partners with a fully supported proposition covering all commercial and technical considerations, barriers to early adoption in a Solution Partner’s local market are removed and customers can realize benefits with reduced risk.

Apposite combines DocuSign products with Apposite Lab application extensions and integrations, delivered as packaged supported products and as deployment consultancy, training and integration development services.

Apposite Lab products include Reporting for DocuSign envelope data and metadata, ALapi - an integration harness to enable custom integrations to be quickly built and deployed, and integration of DocuSign within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Founded in February, 2012, by an experienced software distribution channel team, Apposite is bringing a fresh approach to building the professional service, technical and commercial skills and knowledge needed by Solution Partners to successfully introduce novel, compelling technologies such as DocuSign to their customers.

Key Benefits:

  • DocuSign implementation for Partner own use
  • Sales, marketing and professional service training, support & enablement
  • Development, distribution and support of Apposite Lab packaged integrations
  • Pilot & proof of concept solution build
  • Full integration development service


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