API Nation, a leader in automation, brings DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate and Google Calendar together to sync important dates from your rooms right to your calendar. No more having to enter the information twice or trying to remember to keep everything up to date on Google Calendar. This sync is designed with one thing in mind, making your life easier so you can focus on what you do best, closing deals!


How it Works:

  • Follow the simple 1-2-3 process here: https://my.apination.com/docusign and in a few clicks, you will set up a seamless sync.
  • All your DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate tasks and dates from the Details tab will sync to your Google Calendar.
  • As you and the team work through closing a deal in Rooms for Real Estate, the tasks and important dates on the Details tab will automatically update in your Google Calendar.




About the Partner:

API Nation connects and syncs software you love and use. It automates your work and integrates your applications. It's finely tuned workflows relieve you from doing the repetitive tasks over and over again. At API Nation, we make the software you love and use connect and work together in a collaborative harmony.