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Amelio and DocuSign are currently integrated at a mutual client in order to allow for a smooth and seamless Client Engagement Letter Acceptance process. This is a wonderful synergy and can be utilized throughout the CPA industry for this process as well as countless others.


Key Features

  • Amelio helps our customers achieve operational excellence in their tax and audit processes

  • Amelio eliminates bottlenecks and allows for deadlines to be met and kept

  • Amelio provides meaningful analytics

  • Amelio improves controls therefor reducing risk

  • Amelio allows your firm to simplify its technical structure and seamlessly automate your current processes




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From addressing complex internal and external governance requirements to managing an array of routine business processes, organizations across industries increasingly rely on forms and checklists to manage compliance. AMELIO™ is a powerful yet flexible workflow platform for managing compliance and business processes.

Designed for speed, efficiency, and accountability, AMELIO makes it easy to streamline, automate, and manage compliance forms, checklists, and processes to each organization’s specific needs. With robust workflow capabilities to ensure that the right people are taking the right actions at the right time, AMELIO can add significant value to virtually any compliance or form-driven business process in any industry.

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