Software Automation for Almond Processing

Expedite the sending and receiving of contracts generated from Almond Logic by utilizing DocuSign.  Electronically request contract signatures, track contract signature status, and allow for contract archiving.

Almond Logic Handler/Processor provides a simple to use and feature-rich software system that offers operating efficiency and full product traceability for almond handlers and processors.  Almond Logic utilizes DocuSign to increase efficiency when managing contracts generated using the software.  Using the DocuSign integration allows for signature requests and updates directly in-app.

Key Features

  • Full product traceability and tracking 
  • Grower purchasing and contract management enhanced with DocuSign 
  • Inventory receiving, warehousing, processing, and shipping 
  • Sales and Shipping instruction management
  • Industry reporting for all aspects of your almond  processing operations


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About the partner 

Divine Logic, Inc. is an IT and software company based in Fresno, California specializing in business IT infrastructure and software development for the almond industry.