A Cloud-Based Loan Origination System for Dealer, Branch and Provider Lending.  It’s About Time.

Allegro™ represents the next generation of powerful lending software, enabling lenders the flexibility to manage input, process data, respond to customer inquiry and meet compliance requirements more efficiently than ever – all from a single login.

manages indirect lending and leasing
manages direct lending
supports “lifestyle” and unsecured lending

Allegro™ has a feature called DigiDocs™ that enables lenders to take loan documentation online into a paperless environment.  DigiDocs™ is available trough all three lending modules in Allegro™.  Now Lenders can build Docusign envelopes and share through Allegro™’s account or the lender’s account inside of Allegro™.  This eliminates the need to bounce between the two programs.  DocuSign documents are executed by the end user and delivered to the lender’s DigiDocs™ queue.  Loan documentation can be verified and funded inside of DigiDocs™ seamlessly.

Key Benefits

  • DealerTrack, AppOne, RouteOne and other dealer and aggregator system integrations
  • Paperless documentation and funding using DigiDocs™
  • Fully customizable automated approval system
  • Interactive Debt to Income and LTV analyses
  • Fully Automated Export to core management system 




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About the partner 

Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC provides innovative lending technology and consulting services to credit unions, banks and other financial institutions. From small credit unions competing against national lenders for auto loans to large banks specializing in recreational equipment financing, ILT helps its clients succeed by giving each the right tools for its own unique situation and business plan.