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Contract and Commerce Lifecycle Management.

Agiloft's Contract and commerce life cycle (CCLM) management software helps organizations drive long-term revenue growth, maintain cost discipline and minimize risk by managing and integrating the commercial processes that surround contracts.

Built on a no-code platform, Agiloft's flagship contract lifecycle management suite (CLM) comes with fully customizable best practice functionality for buy and sell-side contract management including repository and templates, clause library, flexible approval workflows, built-in AI, security and compliance safeguards, automated notifications and seamless integration with existing systems, including DocuSign.

Key Features

  • Contract Repository 
  • Template and Clause Libraries
  • Approval Workflows and Execution 
  • Compliance 
  • Alerts and Performance Tracking 
  • Artificial Intelligence


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About the partner 

JHensley Consulting helps clients both big and small work smarter and more efficiently. JHensley leverages software to solve problems for individuals and businesses who can't afford to spend their time evaluating, implementing, or optimizing their current systems or processes. DocuSign is a proven way to speed up any business process that requires a signature, and JHensley helps clients integrate it into their existing systems or implements it as part of a new system that requires it.