AdvoLogix is a leading legal matter management solution that helps law firms, general counsel and state and local agencies automate unique legal business processes and achieve new levels of efficienty and effectiveness.

Key Benefits

  • Automated legal intake to ensure the most critical matters get prompt and timely attention.
  • Risk management and mitigation to minimize financial impact.
  • Autoamted legal matter task, calendar, court, case, document, email and workflow management for highly efficient legal operations. 
  • Compehensive legal matter financial management to manage scarce internal and expensive external resources.
  • Access anywhere, anytime with a highly scalable, secure and configurable cloud solution.


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AdvoLogix Matter Management is a legal case/matter management solution for Law Firms, In-house Counsel, and State and Local Government Agencies. AdvoLogix is a native solution and works seemelessly with Docusign and SpringCM to streamlines all aspects of legal case/matter management from intake to settlement with improved accuracy, timeliness, service and outcomes. AdvoLogix provides automation of legal business processes, improved staff efficiency, robust reporting, dashboards, and analytics for continuous process improvement.