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Post Envelope Correction

This provides a URL to start the correction view of the DocuSign UI.

Important: iFrames should not be used for embedded operations on mobile devices due to screen space issues. For iOS devices DocuSign recommends using a WebView.








HTTP Method:




Name Required? Type Description
returnUrl Yes String

Identifies the return point after correcting the envelope.

Important – You must include HTTPS:// in the URL or the redirect might be blocked by some browsers.

DocuSign returns to the URL and includes an event parameter that can be used to redirect the recipient to another location.

The possible event parameters returned are:

  • send (user corrects and sends the envelope)
  • save (user saves the envelpe)
  • cancel (user cancels the transaction.)
  • error (there is an error when performing the correct or send)
  • sessionEnd (the session ends before the user completes another action)
suppressNavigation No String Sets whether the window is displayed with or without dressing.


Example Request Body



The response returns the correction view url.

The following example shows the response json body.

Example Response Body



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