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Modify or Correct and Resend Recipient Information

This lets you modify recipients in a draft envelope or correct recipient information for an in process envelope.

For draft envelopes, you can edit: email, userName, routingOrder, faxNumber, deliveryMethod, accessCode and requireIdLookup.

Note: If you send information for a recipient that does not already exist in a draft envelope, the recipient will be added to the envelope (similar to the POST).

Once an envelope has been sent, you can only edit: email, userName, signerName, routingOrder, faxNumber, and deliveryMethod. You can also select to resend an envelope by using the resend_envelope option.




Optional addition: resend_envelope {true or false}





HTTP Method:




The parameters used to modify recipients are the same as those used in an envelope. See the Recipient Types and Parameters for more information. The resend_envelope flag is only used to resend an In Process envelope.

Name Required? Type Description
resend_envelope No String

True or false setting that defaults to false. Setting this to true will resend the envelope to the recipient.

Note that if automatic reminders are enabled for the envelope, then resending the envelope resets the automatic reminder date and the resend date is used for determining when to send reminder messages.


Example Request Body



The response returns if the correction was successful.

The following example shows the response json body.

Example Response Body



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