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Transforming Manufacturing Sales and Service with Salesforce + DocuSign

Manufacturers have been facing unprecedented challenges. Global uncertainty around supply, disruptive technologies, and expectations for digital experiences both from dealers, partners and customers. And with legacy systems, manual processes and siloed data, manufacturers are looking for a better way to sell to customers and partners.  

Accelerate the agreement process and unlock a connected buying experience with Salesforce, ATG’s Revenue Blueprint and DocuSign Agreement Cloud. Learn how embedding your agreement processes into Salesforce allows manufacturers to close complex deals faster, build customer first digital experiences, and move the business forward.

Discover how manufacturers leverage DocuSign directly within Salesforce to: 

  • Digitize paperwork processes in sales and service 
  • Close deals sooner and recognize revenue earlier
  • Shorten revenue cycles with custom quotes and invoices 
  • Scale business with connected online experience

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