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Supercharge your sales process with Legal (yes, Legal)

Sales is not an individual sport, it takes a village to win each deal. Sales ops, product, customer success, finance and legal all need to pitch in to get to closed-won. Legal specifically can make the job of sales (and the experience of the customer) much easier or much harder. With the right investment and strategy, a partnership with in-house legal can be an incredible superpower for your sales team, rather than a drag on getting deals done.

Watch this session from Selling Power's 3.0 Virtual Event to hear how we reimagined how sales and legal engage on deals and supercharged our revenue growth as a result. During this fireside chat we examined:
  • The now: The current state of the sales-legal relationship
  • The change: How teams can invest in the relationship
  • The benefits: Faster sales, Bigger sales, Self-service with guardrails
  • The future: What to expect next year and beyond

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