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SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: Innovative Solutions and Strategies for Better Contract Management

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Ardent Partners Research, DocuSign, and a special guest from a major company’s procurement group for a compelling webinar presentation and discussion. The focus is on the strategies and tools that modern CPOs and their procurement teams can adopt in the pursuit to become more agile, collaborative, and innovative throughout their supplier contract lifecycles.
Together, we’ll examine and explore what your peers said they need most:
  • Agile and innovative strategies, processes, and tools that CPOs and other business leaders can use
  • New, expedited contract management processes
  • Ways to offset resource constraints
About the Research:
This year, analyst firm, Ardent Partners Research surveyed 318 CPOs and other procurement leaders.  Not surprisingly, most viewed the top business pressure as a continued need to reduce cost and increase savings, with improving process effectiveness coming in second. The report and this webinar explore the results and how companies can proactively answer the top needs with new approaches and technologies.

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