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[Procurement Webinar] Capability development: Unlocking the resources to create value

Turning procurement into a true source of value for the business requires the skillsets in the function to align, build relationships and take purchasing from the mundane to the entrepreneurial. A carefully constructed talent strategy, allied with an ability to get the most out of the people available is vital, but beyond that, true change in the function requires true leaders. This discussion will look at how to empower your team to make purchasing simple and to transform the way that the whole organisation approaches purchasing 

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear how: 

• To implement tools teams can use to make day-to-day purchasing simpler and focus their abilities on strategic goals 
• Functions can do more with less and give their teams the power to make a difference to stakeholders 
• To match a talent strategy with technology and outsourcing activities in order to get the most effective use of the resources available 

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