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Permitting and Licensing at the Speed of Today's Business

The permitting office is arguably the most important agency for keeping the local economy humming and keeping budgets in the black. Permit and licensing fees account for 6% of state tax receipts on average and can be much higher in states without income or sales taxes. In this era of a growing economy and flat budgets, streamlining your permitting and licensing process is critical. But how do you get started? DocuSign has developed tools and know-how to help permitting and licensing offices transform their agreement processes to save time, cut costs, reduce risks and improve citizen satisfaction.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how San Diego County Regional Airport Authority digitized their permitting process using DocuSign eSignature, Guided Forms powered by SmartIQ, and DocuSign Payments to achieve key benefits like:

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Greater citizen and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Faster collection of permitting fees

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