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Modernizing the Patient Testing and Reporting Experience

In life sciences today, leaders recognize that it’s no longer enough to develop life-saving treatments—they also need to build patient-centric systems to drive engagement and personalized care. As patient expectations continue to rise, processes like collecting patient genomic information need to optimize for a fast, simple user experience without compromising quality. In fact, an Accenture study cited that over 78% of life sciences executives believe creating experiences that are aligned to intuitive user behavior will create a key differentiator for their organization.

Learn how GenomeDx Biosciences has improved patient and physician experiences by simplifying core processes for patient testing, patient data collection, and physician registry enrollment leveraging both the DocuSign and Salesforce platforms.

Gain insights to:

-Fully digitize and track patient data while reducing regulatory risk
-Accelerate processes to achieve results like completing 93% of agreements in under an hour
-Streamline patient experiences with integrations across multiple cloud service platforms

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