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Leverage Digital Agreements to Grow Stronger Customer and Agent Relationships

Can you effectively compete using paper-based agreements? Are your agents productive – and happy – having to use paper-based forms? Hardly, in fact a recent survey notes that 83% of insurers think paperwork in the onboarding and claims processes is slowing down business—indicative of lost revenue and lifetime loyalty.

Thanks to stricter compliance and the onslaught of startups using alternative business models, insurers are challenged like never before to leverage digital agreements in order to create a better experience for their agents, customers and business partners.

Learn how to eliminate those challenges with integrated, cloud-based modern digital solutions that provide a consistent, accurate, secure and trusted experience—and the potential to increase and retain business.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how:

  • Digital agreements eliminate friction in customer experience
  • Productivity can be improved by reducing manual intervention
  • Compliance and risk can be minimized with digital agreements

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