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How Contract AI and CLM Give Sales a Leg Up on Competition

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how new Agreement Cloud capabilities drive modern sales. B2B buying and selling is more complex than ever with the average sale involving 10 people and lasting 17 weeks. To gain a competitive advantage and deliver for customers, sellers are equipping reps with new technology and shifting how they engage with prospects.

One very common part of the sales process that needs an upgrade is contracts - 80% of sales teams execute over 500 contracts each month. Learn how new capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and Contract Lifecycle Management from DocuSign allow sales teams to sell faster, uncover new opportunities and ultimately separate leaders from the pack. There are also big efficiencies for teams that support sales, specifically legal.

Whether you’re just getting started with DocuSign eSignature or looking for what’s next with DocuSign CLM or Insight, this webinar is for you. Some highlights include:

  • Demos of DocuSign Insight (our AI tool) and DocuSign CLM (our Contract Lifecycle Management solution)
  • First-hand experience from Flowserve, a global supplier of industrial and environmental machinery, on equipping sales with AI and CLM
  • The impact on Flowserve’s business processes, including their supply chain and IT procurement

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