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On-Demand Webinar

Get the most out of your DocuSign plan with DocuSign Notary

A staggering 1.25 billion documents are notarized in the US each year, and until recently, signers and notaries had to be physically in the same room to notarize documents.  

DocuSign Notary, the remote online notarization (RON) solution, uses DocuSign eSignature for a secure, digital, legal alternative to notarizing in person.

Whether notarizing a power of attorney or an affidavit, RON brings the benefits of online convenience through audio-visual sessions, layers of security to mitigate ID fraud, and a legal, tamper-evident electronic journal that captures a complete record of the notarial transaction.

Remote notary helps organizations certify high-value paperwork faster and creates a seamless, trusted experience for everyone involved.  In this on-demand webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Changes to the notary landscape: federal, state and local legal considerations

  • Introducing RON: how remote online notary works

  • How to transform your notary process to digital