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From CPRA to CDPA and Beyond: What New Data Privacy Laws Mean for Your Agreements

From enactment of the California Privacy Rights Act last year, to the recent passage of Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act, to the Illinois BIPA (Biometrics Information Privacy Act), understanding your data protection obligations can seem like pursuing a moving target. Join DocuSign legal and privacy experts — aided by Debbie Reynolds, the renowned Data Diva —for a discussion of the differences and similarities among these laws, how to build trust with your consumers while adapting to meet data privacy obligations, and what all of this means for your important business assets: your agreements.

Participants will learn about the differences and similarities in the patchwork of new legislation and trends, who the laws apply to, the meaning of “personal” or “sensitive” data, the implications of violations or data breaches  and how the DocuSign Agreement Cloud can help you:

  • Identify risk areas across agreements
  • Amend third-party agreements quickly and efficiently
  • Update terms and conditions with consumers
  • Drive data privacy compliance 

Speakers Featured:

  • Debbie Reynolds, CEO, Debbie Reynolds Consulting, LLC
  • Hal Marcus, Director of Product Marketing at DocuSign
  • Stuart Brock, DocuSign 
  • Cindy Rosser, DocuSign 

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