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Fire Outdated Habits & Hire Modern HR Tools: Successes and Learnings from ScribeAmerica

How do you spend your time at work? According to research by Forrester, 62% of HR departments process over 500 agreements every month. That’s a whole lot of agreements and even more time spent processing them. And furthermore, when those agreements are manually prepared, signed, acted on and managed that’s time that could be spent on the things that matter most - like developing and growing your talent. 

Staffing firm ScribeAmerica was faced with growing pains thanks to the healthcare industry’s digitization efforts. With a greater need for tasks like data entry and administrative services, doctor’s offices and hospitals need more medical scribes than ever before. ScribeAmerica grew from 1,200 employees in 2012 to more than 21,000 today. 

Hear how ScribeAmerica, like many growing companies, are investing in HR systems and tools that will help them do their jobs more efficiently. Learn how to overcome the challenge of collaborating across systems, and fully digitizing the employee lifecycle, which still remains a constant battle for HR teams, big or small.  The DocuSign + Workday integration was built with these HR challenges in mind. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about how ScribeAmerica is leveraging the DocuSign + Workday integration to digitize their HR agreement processes. 

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